Press release – 30 May 2017

The Giro d’Italia is gone with impressive efforts from Pordenone which has two incredible consecutive taps.
Now it is time to focus on the summer events and mainly on the “3 Sere Internazionale città di Pordenone” plants for the next 25-26-27th of July 2017 at “O. Bottecchia” velodrome.
With the right mood that characterized the improvements any times, the staff of “Amici della Pista” had a meeting to make the point and work on the last things to give a fantastic 3 days of sport.

In the next few days will be start the improvement works about the audio system at the velodrome, which will be ready to guess the competition in a complete new voice. Also, other things are changing.
The new website is work in progress with a new smart approach with a UI complete review and a power integration using all the devices. The implementation of different languages, is another marker of the efforts as well.

The idea is to extend more the connectivity with the audience at home and not. In this way, the live streaming is confirmed this year as well with the wish to reach the same views and scores of the last year.

About the program’s race there are some news leakage from the staff. Seems that, in addition to the “3 Sere” races, will be the possibility to expand the show with other two events.

  • The Derny Italian championship Open category
  • Tracks of 2nd class of Keirin and Sprint for Open category. Very important for the assignations of the

    available scores for the next world championship 2018
    Thanks to all the sponsors which allow the competitions with their efforts and passion. For first thanks to “Fondazione Friuli” always ready to take part and valorise the local activity.

    So there are all the expectations for a big fantastic show. We wait you!