Comunication 24th july 2018

An Amazing Omnium Race

The many times world champion Cameron Meyer won the Omnium trial during the first evening of 3 Sere di Pordenone fighting against Elia Viviani.
Elia Viviani was in a really good shape at 3Sere di Pordenone. A big star that has been applauded by the great audiences present at the event. All sold out for the Bottecchia velodrome, a great signal to mark that track cycling is starting again in Italy. Elia Viviani interviewed during the Omnium race (the trial that saw him triumph at the Olympic game of Rio 2016) is attached. He talked one time more about the importance of the track and the technical activity at the concrete ring.
A really example for all the Italian cycling and even his win at the last prof. Italian Championship in Boario Terme is a proof. An important invitation to society and guys to train on track both to get a better shape and prepare road activity.
The fight with Cameron Meyer at the last wheels at Bottecchia velodrome in Pordenone explains the importance of 3 Sere and the interest growing for these kind of events, that focusing on the less number of plant, the audience has been forgot a bit.
But the grandstands full of people describes as people want to start again living of cycling, bread and track.
Third place for Matteo Donegà, rider of Cycling Team Friuli after the expulsion of Sergey Rostovtsev due to second warning.
Here attached Elia Viviani’s interview.