At 2 pm of 23/07 the athletes of the 5 Sere meet at the velodrome to sign.

Bring an identity document and tax code with you.

INFO UPDATE 15/06/21

Due to covid-19 protocol, please ensures to follow the following procedure.
Once come at velodrome, both riders and sport managers have to show a negative molecular SARS-Cov2 swab result made not later than 72h before.

During check licence the staff will organise a SARS-CoV2 antigen rapid test for each foreing rider* and sport manager for free.

An other SARS-CoV2 antigen rapid test has to be made by each foreign rider* and sport manager in the “safety bubble” 72 h from the previous one. This has to be done at your expense. The staff will provide a collaboration with a partner society such that the test can be done (based on your decision and booking) at the velodrome for €30.

*we consider foreign rider who come from a foreign country independently by the nationality

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